George Clanton Broken Leg Shirt get’s a second run / ファンクGROOVE-FM releases a new album

Scene News

Physical Releases

Showa Idol's Groove 2 by Night Tempo

Showa Idol’s Groove 2 by Night Tempo ([Pre-order] Showa idol’s Groove 2 Vinyl (shipping start on mid-September))

Although sold out as a direct purchase on his website. You can now pre-order the vinyl and cassette off his Bandcamp. How cool is that.

Digital Releases


This is the follow up album to his first album with Palm \’84, CITY DRIVE II, which came out about a year ago. With tracks like CITY DRIVE, COOL GIRL and START, I think it\’s time for ファンクGROOVE-FM to start playing live shows because this album is full of hits. The dude has a career of future funk in front of him.

Breathless by Crystal Vessel

Pretty minimal ambient / soundscape music. Out of the 4 tracks, Speechless has the most grab for me.

The Power Of God Is From Within by creative_reality17

i\’m starting to lose interest in reporting on creative_reality17. When he\’s releasing 2 albums a day, usually 10 tracks each. How can i really feel you as an artist if it feels like a spam blast of music. Which is sad because in this album, A1 is really beautiful song.

Modern reneissance man by Cityman 900

The album I talked about in the weekly is finally out! go listen to this synth album asap.

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