DUCAT & MAITRO release new album plus other cassettes

Summer Vibes (Deluxe) by DUCAT & MAITRO (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

This album feels kind of off to me… It’s amazing DUCAT and MAITRO are on an album together don’t get me wrong, there’s just something kind of lack luster in the songs (I think) Ducat worked on specifically. I think it has to do with the way the girl keeps saying that “Ducat” line. Like it sounds like she could barely careless… no excitement behind it. Regardless, Codeine Lemonade really stood out to me and might be the saving grace of this album. Cassettes are still available and limted to 100, so if you’re digging it. grab one quick on business casual.

Last night in the pool by Soul▲Craft (Limited Edition)

You’ll get nice Synthwave 80s feel mixed with vaporwave in this one. With more of an emphasis on 80s. Check out the song Lit House Party

PokéWave by Neon95 (limited PIKA YELLOW cassette)

I’ve been waiting for this album since it was announced. I thought for sure it was going low effort and using a lot of Pokemon sampling. It’s actually a good collection of synth melodies and great collaborations. The cassette is on sale now and available for a limited time.

CONTEMPO by Diskette Park (Limited Edition)

I talked about the digital release for this already. Today. Seikomart has released a cassette copy of the ambient vapor album.. Pretty cool for seikomart to release something that breaks the normal sound of the label

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