DAILY NEWS: TOWERS, UNI DELUXE, Jesse Cassettes AND MORE – 4/15/2019

Physical releases

Towers - Towers cassette

TOWERS by TOWERS (Cassette)

Limited to 50 copies. Also comes with a few additional goodies,Read more…

Digital Releases

Forgotten Summers by UNI DELUXE

10 tracks of sweet summer time Future Funk, Now on Bandcamp

Kween Pepsi by Jesse Cassettes

Kween Pepsi by Jesse Cassettes

Released on Seikomart today. 16 tracks full of Future funk and anime groove.

Other releases

Sic Records has a bunch of vinyl and cassettes still for sale. Just found this label so wanted to share it. Mainly vaporwave music.

Song of the day

I had @cobalt_road contact me via Twitter with this single release. “Hey! Love your work. You may be interested in my single I dropped just yesterday titled “What’s Good?” It’s definitely not vaporwave but I suppose you could consider it adjacent to future funk! Just wanted to send it your way!”. It’s “funky” but yeah far adjacent to future funk imo. listen below

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