Daily News: Porter Vong, 1969年, bbrainz & more – 4/27/2019

Physical Releases

You Can Have It All by Porter Vong

You Can Have It All by Porter Vong (cassette)

One of my favorite twitter personalities now has a self-published cassette to guide you to fortune. Happy to see him release this but the album art is meh. Read more…

bbrainz - internet lust

internet lust by bbrainz (cassette & vinyl)

What an interesting cassette j-card art. I wonder if there’s actually a bust like that 3 heads. Smooth vaporwave.

Announced on cassette today for $9. Read more…

Digital Releases

1969年 - #beachsoft

1969年 – #beachsoft (digital)

Vaporwave to transport you to Miami Beach in the 1980s. I guess beach soft is now becoming a genre. Read more…

Return to Star Key // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​697 by Decubellis Dreams

Decubellis Dreams – Return to Star Key (digital)

The album art reminds me of some playing the flute. I don’t know much about this release but it’s vaporwave. Read more…


Twitter News

So in the weekly episode, published yesterday, I was complaining that Night Tempo went to Spotify but like didn’t give us any details about why. Say it felt amateurish that he and some artists don’t know how to handle achievements for our scene. Mainly because all he did was post a picture and nothing else. Well I take it back, looks like he was there to do a promotional piece for this new album that was just released on Spotify. As seen in the video above. He might have been in a contract to not talk about it. So I take it back.

I would add this to the calendar but there’s no way to post to a Bandcamp. So until that link gets out or they release at least the digital, this tweet will have to do to inform you of this release.

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