Daily News: apparently WandererTokyo is blowing minds – 4/28/2019

Physical Releases

あなたのために by 夢のチャンネル (pre-order)

The first set of cassette sold out instantly so luckily Aloe City Records is being nice by releasing a second edition. More info…

2014​-​2016 by FIBRE

2014​-​2016 by FIBRE (cassette)

Classy vibes off this one by FIBRE. Just like the album art it feels sexy and bound for a good night out. More info…

Digital Releases

Pastel by Fujifire

Fujifire is out with a brand new album titled Pastel and it totally lives up to it’s name. Feels like a wonderful world of neo japan full of pure kawaii citypop. It almost sounds like most singers on his were written for these tracks. Bandcamp link

Album of the Day

I don’t know what it is about this album but H U M A N U R E has it. I love the sound and I think their label FUTUREGHOST describes it best “a collection of songs that explore the opalescent reflections of crystalline beaches in the jeweled skylines of digital ether”. Just make me wish I was in a hotel with my Nintendo DS and a pizza. Those were the days. I just wish we could get a cassette reprint.

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