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New MTHU episode

episode 30

Episode 30 is now out, my favorite cassettes of the week, super rare floral shop on eBay, concerts and more. Find out more

Cassette / Vinyl releases


Hotel vibes by Bl00dwave (vinyl)

Hotel vibes by @bl00dwave is coming soon to viny! pic.twitter.com/Z0JCbdKLRN— lemon tapes (@Lemontapeslabel) April 3, 2019 hotel…Find out more »

ユートピア by from tokyo to honolulu (cassette)

ユートピア by from tokyo to honolulu (cassette)

ユートピア by from tokyo to honolulu is now up on our Bandcamp. Cassettes will be released on the 5th of…Find out more »

Optical outlet by Akira Mall

Optical outlet by Akira Mall

Akira Mall just released his cassette for Optical outlet. It comes in two flavors: Die Hard Sega edition – Includes…Find out more »

Forhill - Figments Cassette release

Forhill – Figments (cassette)

Hey y’all! Have an album coming out on cassette via Stratford Ct. it’s a collection of ten of my releases…Find out more »

April 5 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am$8.99



“Hello friends I wanted to tell you that on April 5 my STAR VIRGIN II will be available on diskette…”Find out more »

April 5 @ 4:00 pm

Spectral Lament by trashgh0st

Spectral Lament by trashgh0st (Cassette)

“Nostalgic blue plastic enveloped on the kindness of a double sided J Card. The tape itself contains all 15 tracks…Find out more »


Zer0 れい‏ 

Future Release

Stratospheres by Ahero

Stratospheres by Ahero. (Vinyl)

Originally on cassette and sold out, we now get a chance to grab this awesome album on vinyl on Record Store Day. Go support your local stores, artist and listen to vinyl with this release! Find out more »

Want more cassette and vinyl news?

Don’t forget to check out the event calendar to see latest cassette, vinyl and concert releases for each month. It’s updated daily, so if you don’t see your favorite artist news up there, let me know on twitter: @MusicsTheHangUp

Have an upcoming release? 

Contact me on Twitter, @MusicsTheHangUp, for more information on getting your physical release on the official Music’s the Hang Up Vaporwave and Future Funk event calendar~null

Album of the day

I was contacted via email by Bobby BBQ, informing me of his new digital release. Usually I don’t go into the New Retro Wave scene, but I liked the sound, so wanted to give him a shoutout.

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