Cassette designs that are jaw-droppingly gorgeous

The difference between an average album and a fantastic one is the time and effort visibly attributed to its cassette release. You’ll see throughout the list before, a lot of the cover art is pretty basic, but thanks to designs at labels or just the artist putting in a little more effort, these cassettes pop in appealing ways that, even without listening to the music, you want to own it. It’s almost like each release is its own piece of art.

夏色 Summer Colours by ビクターMKII

MindCapsule by FarragoL

Illegal Street Racing (DATA086) by MisfitChris

あなたのために by 夢のチャンネル

A Casualty of Broken Glass by §E▲

S L U S H W A V E 2 0 2 1 by Days of Blue

セラフ by binary deconstructed

催眠術のオーディオ薬 by サイバネティックハイバネーション

NYX by Zer0 れい

21st Road by EXSHA

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