A Future Funk themed restaurant opens up in New York and other news.

Future Funk themed restaurant “Future Noodles”

To the delight of New Yorkers a plenty, a new Future Funk themed restaurant opened up in Time Square. As the name of the restaurant mentions, the hot spot location focuses on top quality noodle dishes from Ramen soups to Yakisoba to Udon and more.

Although the noodles are hardly from the future what really makes the location stand is the 24 hours a day blasting of Future Funk songs from artists such as Yung Bae, Night Tempo, and members of the Sea Side City Squad.

We fought for opening days seats but unfortunately we won’t be practicing our chop-stick skills tonight… because when we arrived on scene, the line was quite opposite of the high speed tempo of the genre. long and slow.

The prices are not on the menu as you pay for the table. Usually around 9.00 USD, but the only issue is the people who sat at the table before you gets to set the new price for “resale” or something. Something about that’s how the genre’s current state of physical releases.. idk.

Anyways, a certain Mariya is said to swing by later this afternoon to thank her fans for the revitalization of her music.

What tasty news to be shared on April Fools.

New Releases

KOALA KORP コアラ by TUPPERWAVE (digital)


KOALA KORP コアラ by TUPPERWAVE released March 31, 2019 TUPPERWAVE thevaporroom.bandcamp.com twitter.com/TUPPERWAVEMUSIC Cover art by Justin Wharton justwhartonart.com twitter.com/justwharton

April 1$4.20

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Beach Babes & Vapor Waves by クリスタルKITSUNE (cassette)

クリスタルKITSUNE Beach Babes & Vapor waves

KITSUNE ERACassette coming 4.23(EST)/4.24(JST) @Seikomartjapan https://t.co/u2PaeLJRll pic.twitter.com/0RojEg9x0G— クリスタルKITSUNE(@kitsunedesu) April 1, 2019

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I really dig the Swapletics series and this little April fools episode is awesome. I know off topic but this day is all about fun.

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