Daily News: 權力的女人, C♢LΛW♢MΛN and more – 4/26/2019

Meta News – new episode out

Physical Release

あなたのために by 夢のチャンネル

夢のチャンネル – あなたのために (Cassette)

A release a lot of people (including myself) have been waiting for it to come on cassette. This might be the first time I’ve seen a full screen printed cassette. Great chill ambient vapor right here. More info… (releases at 5pm EST)

chromute by altostrati

altostrati – chromute (cassette)

“Limited to 30, all with free 12″ x 18″ poster” interestingly enough, each side is 30 minute long of ambience. Read more…

Escape by COMPLΣX MATHΣMATICS (cassette)

I really like the way the singers sound on this album. I don’t know how CM amplifies them almost doubles bass boosts them but it feels original. Feels like early vaporwave. Read more…

Digital Release

C♢LΛ™WΛVΣ by C♢LΛW♢MΛN (Digital)

This album reminds me of that old TMNT move from the 90s. Something about the background sounds and the lo-fi to it. Kind of cool, might be my first hypnagogic album I’ve listened to. I dig it. Event link

權力的女人 – 權力. 的女. 人 (Digital)

At first I wasn’t sure about the album. The first track, you░love, starts off with a heavy synth arpeggio then with a twist events turns into this surprising hip-hop like beat and then trap. That was amazing. This might be my favorite release of the month Event link

売春婦 – セクシーホットライン (digital)

I almost passed up on listening to this because it looked too weeb for my taste… but you know what, there’s some solid electronic glitch in this album. Event Link

Uninstalling​.​.​. // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​696 by F:\PORT_RICHEY (Digital)

 I was worried putting this crazy album title in my computer would delete something. but all I got in return was feel good vaporwave and Port Richey to dock a ship to. I dig it. Event Link

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