Visual Signals (Issue 7)

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“ビジュアル VISUAL SIGNALS” is a pocket-sized irregular serial zine for the vaporwave scene. Inside you’ll find scene news, album reviews, new music releases, Japanese pop culture, concert announcements, artist interviews and everything you’d want to know about internet culture in printed form.

In Issue Seven, in over 75 pages we’ll explore:

  • New & Noteworthy in Music Releases by KITE0080
  • Interview w/ BRUTALBLUES (Runescape Vaporwave) by KITE0080
  • GAKKEN SX-150 Mark II (Review) by Jay Wallace // @jaywallace1 (twitter)
  • Fatum Betula Nintendo Switch Review by KITE0080
  • Caravaggio and The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by KITE0080
  • The PC-98 based anime bot by KITE0080
  • The PC-98 based anime bot images from @PC98_bot (Twitter)
  • 100% ElectroniCON 3 images from 100% Electronica
  • Observations in Hologram Plaza & Liminality by Ron De La Garza, Wave//Citizen – @WaveCitizenWave (twitter)
  • Got Future Funk? by KITE0080
  • Maiji A Gunpla Artist by KITE0080
  • Maiji A Gunpla Artist Photography by Maiji
  • 3D modeling w/ Crocotile 3D an Interview w/ AlexHW by KITE0080
  • 3D modeling w/ Crocotile 3D photos from Alex Hanson-White // @Crocotile3D (twitter)
  • North Korea’s ReadStarOS by KITE0080
  • Snail Ramp! A Japanese Ska Band by KITE0080 (images from the Bands website / Youtube Videos)
  • Hugs Are So Last Millennium by Tails_155 // @tails_155 (twitter)
  • Obituary: The Apple iPod. 2001-2022 by Jay Wallace // @jaywallace1 (twitter)
  • KITE0080; The origin of the alias – KITE0080 (lol)
  • PURE LIVE Concert promo posters from PURE LIFE // @PURELIFETAPES
  • The Way of Clay: Making The Case For A Gumby Revival by deliriously…daniel // @dangoub
  • An Ode to Spliff Radio and Visual Vaporwave Mixes by Ross Payton // @Rosspayton (of Night Clerk Radio Podcast)
  • 日本Food Archive – Unknown
  • The Photographic Worlds of ncxkd interview by KITE0080
  • The Photographic Worlds of ncxkd photography by ncxkd
  • Vaporwave helped me see the color again by KENETIC.wav // @KENETIC.wav
  • Nebula Shigehito vs Michael Redmond (Weiqi/Go) – KITE0080
  • Night Clerk Radio Ad design by Birk (of Night Clerk Radio Podcast)