Visual Signals: (ISSUE TWO)

In Issue Two, we explore: Thom Hoskin of Donor Lens – Interview Takuchi – Japanese artist 5 Horror-Themed Albums for Halloween Pitch Shifter – one year later Akihabara arcades closing…Continue readingVisual Signals: (ISSUE TWO)

Visual Signals: (ISSUE ONE)

“Visual Signals” is a pocket-sized monthly serial zine for the Vaporwave scene by KITE0080 of Musics the Hang Up. Inside you’ll find scene album reviews, new releases, Japanese pop culture,…Continue readingVisual Signals: (ISSUE ONE)

Visual Signals: (ISSUE ZERO)

(June-July 2020 ISSUE) In this issue we check out digital artist Ellie Sampson, Review HATENA’s latest release, Talk about running a label with First Class Collective, check out the latest…Continue readingVisual Signals: (ISSUE ZERO)


A Book of Visual Signalwave

Vaporwaveのサブジャンル「Signalwave」を視覚的に紹介する1冊商品詳細情報ヴェイパーウェイヴのサブジャンル、シグナルウェイヴに特化したビジュアルブック!! 気象情報やCMをザッピングしてコラージュ的に音像を作り上げるSignalwaveの世界観を表現! 一般流通はしていない海外でプリントされたマニア垂涎の一冊!“A Book of Visual Signalwave” is the experience, feels and emotions found in Japanese television from the years 1980 to 2001. The world of Signalwave and its music…Continue readingA Book of Visual Signalwave